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Sugar pop, my lollipop 


hello everyone! i recently completed one year since i created this blog, and i’m so happy ^^) i wanted to thank everyone who accompanied me during this time, and i hope to continue together for a long time. really, thank you very much >.<

to celebrate I made a selection of blogs that I love and admire for you. i also made a special selection, where I put the tumblr that i like more and are the best for me. tumblrs in bold are my babies. i hope you like and enjoy. love you all ♡♡♡~

my sideblogs: mwassup, yoonlice, r-velvet

a - f

adorkableplaygirlz, affxtionate, ahyoungies, aigoo-fx5, ailee-ans, antisulli, baesuejis, bangtaning, beautifulgeneration, blosseoming, bestiethings, cheneral, chicsohee, choijaes, cutiepinks, dainari, daisynous, domino-fx, domino-kiss, dorkyshidae, eunoos, eunrong, exotaeng, femaleidol, femaleidols

g - i

got7, -got7, got7even, hayounga, hellocupids, hellovenux, heyt-ara, hyerilees, hyo-edits, hyostagram, icepearls, its4minute, itsgirlsday, isnotcomic-say-a, ivegot7

j - o

jinriee, justmyperfectgoddess, k-ahi, kangzeulgi, kkaebswag, leesunmis, lostaileean, malegroups, markjin, mmmoos, monoka, myulsic, ninthwish, ohhysohmy-goddess

p - u

parkchorongs, parkjoys, purelovefx, qian-ah, qirlsdayy, ruby-sica, seehuns, sehunight, snsd1k, s-ojins, sonnaeuns, soshiplanet, stellasistar, stopsojin, sulliyaa, sweeties-fx, taenypush, telepany, tsgraphics

v - z

vvelvets, wealthyhousewife, wendygi, ye0shin-s, yoonjo, yxras, zhanq-yixinq, 2pmisthebest, 6venus

sojin and hyeri for star1 magazine

Can I please be Hyeri? ㅠㅠ
Can I please be Hyeri? ㅠㅠ

yumin at their finest 

sojin having a very interesting conversation w/ somebody on the set of darling through her little pink mirror.